Mission Statement


The mission of The Long Island State Veterans Home is to provide high quality and compassionate health care services for veterans and their families without regard to race, gender, religion, disability, age or national origin. We will continually strive to advance our methods and standards of care through our teaching and research affiliation with Stony Brook University. Our dedication to the men and women who served this nation is reflected in:

  • Our responsibility to America’s veterans - Each of us strives to be as committed and responsible to the care and well being of our residents/registrants as they were during their service to our nation.
  • Our team approach to resident care - We encourage the active participation of all of our clinical and support service disciplines, as well as families, volunteers and the community, in an effort to provide comprehensive health care.
  • Our motivation to maximize independence - We strive to maintain and enhance functional abilities of those we serve through a variety of therapeutic interventions.
  • Our commitment to valuing our employees - In order for us to effectively care for our residents, we must provide our employees with a work environment conducive to mutual respect, accountability, caring and individual growth and development.
  • Our pride in providing a place that any veteran can call home - The foundation of military service is pride in our nation. The basis of the care we provide is our pride in what we do.


The Long Island State Veterans Home will continue to be faithful to our caring tradition of serving the veterans community. We will achieve this vision by striving to:

  • Be Long Island’s premier provider of nursing home care and adult day care.
  • Serve as a model site for research, education and the training of tomorrow’s geriatric health care professionals.
  • Pioneer innovative methods to enhance the health care services we provide to our community.
  • Take a leadership role both locally and nationally as advocates for veterans and their families.
  • Maintain an innovative organization with the flexibility to respond expediently to the changing health care environment.
  • Excel in the research, care and treatment of residents suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and other diseases affecting the aging population.


Serving our constituents with dignity while having the courage to make difficult decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of those we serve.

Honestly addressing the issues that confront us and to effectively communicate, recognizing the need for our residents, registrants, family members, colleagues, volunteers, and community to be fully and accurately informed. 

Treating every resident, registrant, family member, colleague, volunteer, and community member with respect for their critical role in fulfilling our mission. 

The cornerstone of our existence and the foundation upon which our dedication, reverence, creativity and stewardship is based. 

Respecting the tradition of service and duty by continuously maintaining a world-class healthcare facility that is befitting of the honor of serving America’s heroes in their time of need.